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Constitutional Law as a subject, has always intrigued me. The subject has a special relevance given its impact on the citizen of every country. Scholars have rightly said, that the Constitution of a country is its suprema lex, the fundamental charter that gives validity to the laws of the nation. Therefore, an understanding of the Constitution is a necessary ingredient for understanding the laws of a country.

This inclination and interest of mine towards the subject of Constitutional Law is the reason, why I have started this blog. The title “The ‘Basic’ Structure” draws inspiration from the cardinal doctrine of basic structure that is fundamental to the governance of this country. The doctrine postulates that there are certain key features of a Constitution that cannot be altered or tampered with. Taking a cue from the ‘basic’ in this structure, through this blog I shall be breaking down and discussing key constitutional law developments and concepts which affect the general populace of the country. The aim shall be to provide a rudimentary understanding of the above in simple and basic terminology. The blog shall be updated with a new post every ten days.

Modifying the words of late great Shri Nani Palkhivala,

My blog will be considered successful only when that unknown the little man who is interested in it comes to know of it and is enabled to attend it. Who knows? One day he may become the Prime Minister of India.’ (H.V. Kamath, Nani Palkhivala A Life, at p. 371  (2012)

I hope that this venture is helpful and thought provoking to its readers, who may be from all walks of life.

– ST

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