Public Holiday for Maharana Pratap: What is the Law?

Yesterday, the Madhya Pradesh government announced a state-wide public holiday to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Maharana Pratap. The declaration of a holiday, is another effort by the state government to celebrate the emperor who was known for his bravery and might in his battles against Mughal emperor Akbar. The purpose of this post is... Continue Reading →

Fundamental rights must be enforced

In this guest post, Shrutanjay Bhardwaj argues that a major challenge facing our Constitution is the Supreme Court’s aversion to Article 32 petitions. He discusses the evolution of this trend and recommends a way out. “It is the remedy that makes a right real. If there is no remedy, there is no right of all,... Continue Reading →

Unpacking the 103rd Amendment Verdict (Part I)

Justice Bela Trivedi upheld the constitutional validity of the Constitutional Amendment. JUSTICE TRIVEDI'S OPINION: STRICT INTERPRETATION & LIMITED ROLE OF COURTS Earlier this week, the Hon’ble Supreme Court delivered its verdict in Janhit Abhiyan v. Union of India, which concerned the constitutional validity of the Constitution (One Hundred and Third Amendment) Act, 2019 (“Constitutional Amendment”).... Continue Reading →

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