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A712D2F8-C9F4-4BA0-8585-932E2342E51DMy name is Swapnil Tripathi and I am an advocate/attorney based out of New Delhi. I am currently reading for the DPhil (in Law) as a Gopal Subramanium Scholar at the Somerville College, University of Oxford. Previously I read for the Bachelor of Civil Law at the Mansfield College, University of Oxford and pursued by undergraduate BBA.LLB (Hons.) degree from the National Law University, Jodhpur, with a specialisation in Constitutional Law . I take an active interest in the subjects of Constitutional Law and Legal History.

I try contributing towards the scholarship on Constitutional Law through academic writing. I have written on forums like Live Law, Bar & Bench, The Quint, Firstpost, the Leaflet etc. My work has been cited in the Times of India.

You may read about my contributions (in detail) below.

Journal Articles: 

  • Cinema and Censorship in India: A Political Restriction on Freedom of Speech”, University of Baltimore Journal of Media Law & Ethics, Vol. 9 No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2021) 64.
  • What does my belief have to influence? Analyzing the legal position of an Atheist in relation to Family Laws in India”, co-authored with Prof. Poonam Saxena, Vice Chancellor, NLU-Jodhpur, Chandni Ghatak, International Family Law- LexisNexis (UK), Issue 4, 2017.
  • A Report Card of the NGT at the end of seven years since establishment: The Present and Future Ahead”, 1Q Environmental Claims Journal (Taylor & Francis Online) 1 (2018).
  • Enforcement of the Right to Privacy against Private Entities in light of the Privacy Judgment in India”, [2018] 6 SCC-Practical Lawyer
  • The National Court of Appeal: Addressing the docket explosion in the Apex Court, impeding the growth of constitutional jurisprudence in India”, [2017] 4 SCC-Practical Lawyer.
  • “The Interplay of Freedom of Speech and Censorship of movies in India”, [2019] 3 SCC Practical Lawyer.
  • “S.K. Mahajan v. State of Maharashtra: SC’s failed attempt at curbing the misuse of the SC/ST Act and the side effects”, 8.1 C.U.L.J. 103 [2019].
  • Climate Refugees: Acknowledging the Existence of an Imminent Threat”, [2017] 4 NLUJR. 1.
  • A Constitutional Analysis of the Idea of Affirmative Action: Exploring New Standard in Light of the Gujjar Reservation in Rajasthan”, [2016] 5.2 NLIUR. 94.
  • My Curtailed Freedoms: A Jurisprudential Take on the JNU Incident”, [2016] 6 GNLU L.D.P. 59.
  • 253 Law Commission Report- Is the judicial system ready for such a change?” [2016] 6 RMLNLUR. 51.
  • The Non-Fundamental Nature of Fundamental Rights in Gujarat: Discerning the Legality on the Mobile Ban for Women in the State”, co-authored with Chandni Ghatak, 5 ALSDJ., 54.
  • Salem Advocates Bar Association, Tamil Nadu v. Union of India: The case that changed the course of Civil Litigation in India”, [2016] 4 L.R. 78.
  • The aftermath of Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation in Delhi: Constitutional and Electoral Peculiarities” [2015] AJMS 89.
  • Policy Analysis of the Telangana Government’s Manifesto”, [2015] Univ. L.J.

Short Articles:

Research Assistance:

  • Teaching Assistant to Prof. I.P. Massey, Dean (Faculty of Law) in the subject of Administrative Law [2018-19].
  • Research Associate to Mr. S.K. Kaushik, Asst. Dean (Faculty of Law) for his book titled ‘General Studies’ published by the Eastern Book Company [2018].

Other Scholarly Contributions:

  • Contributor (What’s New in Public Law Column) to I-CONnect (International Journal of Constitutional Law, New York University School of Law).
  • Took an Expert Lecture on the Role of the Constitutional Position of the Governor in India, in the 2nd NLU-Jodhpur, Youth Parliament, Rajasthan (August, 2018).
  • Took a Guest Lecture on Public Interest Litigation: Origins and Practice, at Amity University, Raipur (October, 2018).
  • Hon’ble Mention for the paper titled “To Repeal or not to Repeal? Section 309, the Conundrum of the Indian Penal Code” at the National Seminar on Criminology, Crime and Justice at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (November, 2015).

You may reach me at swapnil.tripathi221@gmail.com for any doubts or queries.

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