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I always tell my friends that if not a lawyer, I would have either been a history professor or a film critic (especially Bollywood). Having been born to a father obsessed with Amitabh Bachchan and films in general, Bollywood has had a huge impact on my upbringing. I remember watching all the classics with my father on the 4×1 DVDs that he would get for me. Our drives involved my father quizzing me on which song was playing on the cassette.

As a lawyer, I am passionate about making citizens understand the law that governs them and I believe there is no better medium to do that than movies. The lawyer in me always awakens whenever I watch any depiction of the legal system. Mostly movie makers get it wrong and I end up disappointed. However, there are few movies and shows where the depiction has been close to accurate and they can be used to educate the citizens about the law. In this column, I shall take the opportunity to do that. Every week, I shall pick a movie and discuss the law as correctly portrayed in it.

Hope the readers find it interesting.


Swapnil V. Tripathi

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