In Defence of the Canadian Supreme Court’s Majority – Responding to Arvind  Datar and Rahul Unnikrishnan

Recently, the Canadian Supreme Court delivered a significant verdict on the issue of whether unwritten principles of the Constitution can be used to strike down legislations [Toronto (City) v. Ontario (Attorney General), 2021 SCC 34]. While the minority ruled in the affirmative, the majority in a close 5:4 verdict held to the contrary.    In... Continue Reading →

There was a Somerset, long before Dred Scot!

Last month, Americans were on streets protesting against the tragic murder of George Floyd, an African-American national who died due to police brutality. Floyd’s episode gave rise to questions about racism and status of other races (particularly African Americans) in USA. One cannot talk of African-Americans without bringing up the infamous case of Dred Scott... Continue Reading →

African-Americans and the United States Constitution

‘I can’t breathe!’ These were the last words of George Floyd, an African-American citizen of the United States of America who died due to police brutality, recently. Floyd was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit currency for buying cigarettes. He was pinned down by officer Derek Chauvin who knelt Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, causing... Continue Reading →

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