Prime Minister Degree Row: What did the framers think?

Shouldn’t we look at legislators who make the laws as professionals who must have minimum educational qualifications which ensures that they understand and critically engage with the laws being debated in Parliament? To find an answer to this question I went back to the Constituent Assembly debates. The Assembly had voices from both sides i.e., some arguing in favour of educational qualifications while the others stressing on the poor literacy rate in India and the supremacy of practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge to argue against any qualifications. I summarise the key voices in the Assembly in this post, hoping it will give some perspective on this ongoing debate.

Public Holiday for Maharana Pratap: What is the Law?

Yesterday, the Madhya Pradesh government announced a state-wide public holiday to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Maharana Pratap. The declaration of a holiday, is another effort by the state government to celebrate the emperor who was known for his bravery and might in his battles against Mughal emperor Akbar. The purpose of this post is... Continue Reading →

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