Corporal Punishment: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, Not Anymore

In a news article in today’s newspaper it was reported that a school student in Bambawar village in Greater Noida became a victim to corporal punishment at the hands of his Hindi teacher. The 12 year old student was allegedly thrashed by his Hindi teacher for failing a test. An FIR has been lodged and the teacher has been arrested. As per Ram Badan Singh (DCP, Central Noida), “He (the accused) was detained on Tuesday and has been cooperating with the investigation so far. He has confessed that he beat the student (name withheld) with a cane. The deceased student’s classmates we spoke to also claimed that Shobharan often used to thrash students in class. We are still awaiting the post-mortem report.”

The news article reporting the incident (The Hindu, Delhi Edition (14 October 2022)

To many of the readers this news might not be shocking, given the frequency at which such incidents occur in India. However, the frequency of the crime does not reduce its gravity or the impact it has on children. My nephews are young school students as well and the thought of something similar happening to them scares me. To prevent such incidents, I often speak to them and educate them about the crime of corporal punishment and how no teacher is allowed to lay a finger on them.

However, earlier this year I felt I should do something about this cause and hence, I made a video wherein I speak about this crime and what can a student/parent do if they know someone who they believe is a victim of it. Reading the news article this morning, I am sharing a link to that video in this post.

Children are our future and raising them correctly will lead India into a brighter, confident and empowered youth. Disciplining a child is important but there are milder ways to do it as against canning them.

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