Student Welfare trumps Centre-State impasse over University Campus

The Parliament in the year 2007 enacted the National Institute of Technology, Science Education and Research Act to bestow on certain institutions the tag of ‘Institute of National Importance’. The aim of the Act was to ensure that these institutes work towards advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge, in their respective fields. The Act... Continue Reading →

The Demand for a Presidential System of Governance in India

Eminent Scholar and Member of Parliament Dr. Shashi Tharoor in a recent article has argued that India should move to a presidential system of governance, from the present parliamentary system. The premise of his argument is that a parliamentary system produces governments which focus more on politics rather than their actual performance of serving the... Continue Reading →

Referendums and the Indian Constitution

Earlier this month, Russia voted on an important referendum that brought significant changes to its Constitution. The Russians decided to grant President Putin the option of leading the country until the year 2036, by limiting a President’s Rule to two six-year terms in total rather than two consecutive terms. They also voted to effectively ban... Continue Reading →

There was a Somerset, long before Dred Scot!

Last month, Americans were on streets protesting against the tragic murder of George Floyd, an African-American national who died due to police brutality. Floyd’s episode gave rise to questions about racism and status of other races (particularly African Americans) in USA. One cannot talk of African-Americans without bringing up the infamous case of Dred Scott... Continue Reading →

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