Revisiting the Infamous Emergency and its Impact on the Legal Community

45 years ago, on this day, the central government led by Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi imposed the infamous National Emergency in the country (“Emergency”). The Emergency lasted for 21 months and is considered to be one of the darkest phases of independent India. It saw widespread human rights violations, censorship of the press, rampant arrest... Continue Reading →

Rajasthan HC’s Judgment on Supremacy of a Woman’s Autonomy in matters of Abortion

Article 21 of the Constitution of India guarantees to every person the Right to Life and Liberty. The Courts have interpreted the Article to include the Right to Reproductive Choices. In particular, the Article allows a woman to decide whether she wants to procreate or not. This Right is not absolute and is limited once... Continue Reading →

African-Americans and the United States Constitution

‘I can’t breathe!’ These were the last words of George Floyd, an African-American citizen of the United States of America who died due to police brutality, recently. Floyd was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit currency for buying cigarettes. He was pinned down by officer Derek Chauvin who knelt Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, causing... Continue Reading →

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