Do ends justify the means? Analyzing the Calcutta HC’s judgment quashing the Leave India Notice issued to a Polish Student

Yesterday, the Calcutta High Court passed a significant verdict wherein it quashed a Leave India Notice issued by the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office, Kolkata to a Polish national, studying in India. The Polish citizen was served the Notice for allegedly violating his visa conditions as he had participated in political rallies against the recent Citizenship... Continue Reading →

Understanding a ‘Leave-India’ Notice – Government’s Power to revoke an Indian Visa

[Image Credits - India Today] The Ministry of Home Affairs has been in the news as of late, for issuing several ‘Leave-India Notices’ to foreign nationals in India. The Notices are being seen as the government’s attempt to stifle dissent as allegedly, they have been issued only to those foreign nationals who have participated in... Continue Reading →

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