Should I wear my patriotism on my sleeve? Analyzing the Law on Sedition in India and the demand for its strict enforcement

[Picture Credits: Aseem Trivedi] The article was republished by Live Law on 02.06.2019 One’s patriotism and feelings of nationalism have always been a personal sentiment. One need not show their love for the country by explicit gestures as long as the sentiment is genuine from within. Recent times in India show otherwise, as the citizens... Continue Reading →

Anti-Abortion legislations in USA- Understanding the law in America and India

United States of America (‘USA’) is touted to be one of the most progressive countries in the world. The country is lauded for its pro-liberty stance on rights of citizens. However, the state of Alabama in USA is in the news for passing a legislation that curbs liberty and autonomy of women, by banning abortion... Continue Reading →

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