Does Burning the Effigy of a Judge amount to Contempt? Discussing the law in light of the infamous Odisha Saga

Recently, the Odisha State Bar Association was in the news for an alleged offence of the contempt of court. The lawyers of the High Court blocked the cars of the judges from entering the High Court, shouted derogatory slogans  and even burnt the effigy of the then Chief Justice of India, Justice Dipak Misra along... Continue Reading →

Censoring Online Content: Constitutionally permissible?

The 21st century heralded as the age of technology, is an age wherein almost everything occurs in the digital space. From making payments to even searching for love, technology has truly impacted everyone’s lives. This technological advancement has touched even cinema, originally accessible only through movie theatres and later through television. However, today one has... Continue Reading →

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